The Long Wait Is Over, Frank Ocean Releases His Highly Anticipated Sophomore Album, ‘Blonde’ //Hip-Hop, R&B, Pop//

Frank Ocean Nikes

Frank Ocean broke the internet over the weekend with the multiple surprise releases of his magazine, visual album, music video, and the insanely hyped up albumĀ Blonde. The record is here and available for download or streaming exclusively via Apple Music. Take some time out of your day and embrace the work of one of our generation’s pop-culture legends.

Frank also released a music video for the first single “Nikes” off of his new album via Apple Music. Along with the video, he has a new magazine titled “Boys Don’t Cry” and a visual album titled “Endless”.

It’s been 4 years but he seems to have somehow made it all worth the wait.

Thank-you Frank. We’re glad you’re back.

Download the album here.

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