Sarah Llewelyn Photography: Crystal Castles @ The Hoxton

crystal castles and guidance at the hoxton

Electronic experimental group, Crystal Castles, made a stop at their home base in Toronto for a show on October 12th at The Hoxton. Another show was added later on the 14th before they made their way to their European leg of the 2016 Tour. Both nights at The Hoxton started with Kane Wale and Guidance opening up the show. Toronto photographer, Sarah Llewelyn, was able to get some shots in the night of the first concert on October 12th which are displayed below.

Crystal Castles’ new vocalist Edith Frances showed off her capabilities as the front woman and face of the group. While small in stature, she was able to put on a huge show with a quality vocal performance. The band started the night off with their new single “Concrete” and alternated between old and new songs throughout the night. Crystal Castles definitely confirmed that night that they have what it takes to thrive in despite of significant lineup changes.


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