Thirdstory Releases ‘G Train’ Music Video With a Pusha T Collab

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These three very talented musicians that go by the name, Thirdstory, just dropped a music video for their track, “G Train”. The song can be found on their debut EP, Searching, which was released earlier this year in May. The original version of “G Train” doesn’t feature Pusha T which really makes this music video release noteworthy. You can check out the video for yourself at the bottom of this article.

Thirdstory also have a history of YouTube a cappella covers of popular chart-topping songs which gave them the momentum to rise to their current platform of success. If it was a perfect world, the music these guys have created would already have launched them into a spotlight similar to the likes of artists like Sam Smith. Just give their EP a listen and check out their covers. If you’re anything like me, you’ll be wondering, “What the hell are the chances that these three young, very talented singers would find it in each other to make such dynamic and influential music?”. If they keep up the work, they’ll be taking the industry by storm in the upcoming year.

You can check out their covers of Drake, Tove Lo, Adele, and others on their YouTube channel and pick up their Searching EP via iTunes.

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